Things To Consider When Replacing The Filters In Your Car Or Truck

Posted on: 8 March 2023

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, some filters need changing when they get dirty. Automobile filters are not limited to just the engine oil in your vehicle and are used to clean air, water, fuel, and other things in the car as you drive. Changing your car filters using high-quality replacement parts is essential, and there are some things you should know when you are ready.

Buying Filters

You need to find the correct car filters for your application before you can change any of the ones on your vehicle. Automobile filters come in many different quality levels, so it is essential to take some time and research the ones that are available in your area. 

The brand you use may not seem important, but the filter quality can vary with the brand. Most filter manufacturers label the outside of the packaging to indicate the particle size they can handle, and you will often find reviews online for filters that are not up to the task of daily use.

Talk with an employee at the parts store about the filter options they offer, and they can tell you if they get a lot of returns from one brand or what they sell the most of. Both of these can be an indication of the quality of the filters and may help you decide which ones to try in your car or truck.

Common Filter Locations

Most vehicles use several essential car filters in the vehicle. The one most people are aware of is the engine oil filter which is reasonable for removing grit, metal shavings, and sludge from the oil to get the most protection for the engine when it is running. 

Air filters are also used on the engine air intake to remove dust and dirt before it enters the fuel injectors, where they could cause damage. These filters are often under the vehicle's hood, where the air box is. Car filters used to filter air are often larger mesh with additional fabric or paper filters inside the frame. The level of protection they offer depends on the engine's air needs and the location of the air intake. 

Cabin Air Filters

Inside the dash of your car or truck, another filter works to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the air going into the heating and ac system, then into the passenger compartment of your car. Automobile filters like the cabin air filter, protect the working parts of the HVAC system, but they also eliminate dust and other contaminants from the air to protect the passengers in the car. 

Additionally, there are filters for the fuel system and one in the transmission, and there can be additional filters tucked away under the vehicle doing many different jobs.  

For more info about car filters, contact a local company.