• Take The Money And Run: Should You Junk After An Accident?

    If you've recently been in an accident with your car, then you may be wondering about the next steps to take. In most cases, you'll receive a payout from your insurance company or the other driver's insurance company. The purpose of this money is to "make you whole," but you are typically not legally obligated to use it for repairs or any other specific purpose. Of course, you probably need your vehicle, so does it ever make sense to take the money and run? [Read More]

  • When Is It Wise To Consider Used Car Batteries?

    Used car batteries really are a thing! If you've priced a new battery recently, you understand just how high the costs can go. Used car batteries offer practical cost-effective alternatives for you to consider. Before you dive in and go this route, you should know that there are times when it is wiser to consider used batteries over new batteries for your car and times when it is not recommended. These are times when it is absolutely wise to buy used car batteries. [Read More]