When Is It Wise To Consider Used Car Batteries?

Posted on: 19 June 2020

Used car batteries really are a thing! If you've priced a new battery recently, you understand just how high the costs can go. Used car batteries offer practical cost-effective alternatives for you to consider. Before you dive in and go this route, you should know that there are times when it is wiser to consider used batteries over new batteries for your car and times when it is not recommended. These are times when it is absolutely wise to buy used car batteries.

When You're Preparing to Sell Your Car

While used car batteries don't come with 10-year warranties, most of the time, they often do come with the remaining warranty on the battery. That may give you months of warrantied use that will serve your needs long enough to sell or trade-in your car. It's a much smaller investment for you than a new battery and may last the new owner of your car quite a while before they need to purchase a replacement.

When You Need a Car Battery Today but Payday Is a Week Away

Face it, things like the need for a new car battery rarely occur when it is convenient. Rather than placing a battery on your credit card and paying considerable interest on the purchase. Here's how it works.

  • Buy a used car battery today.
  • Price the new car battery you want.
  • Divide the costs (tax included) by a set number of paychecks.
  • Set aside money each week until you can purchase the new battery for your car.

Don't forget to recycle the battery core to help reduce the purchase price or put a little jingle back in your pocket.

You get the benefit of the battery you need now and buy yourself time to purchase the battery you want later. It's a win for you!

These are great times to wisely purchase a used car battery. However, you should be cautious when doing so. There's an old Russian proverb, "Trust, but verify." Don't just assume that all used batteries test well. Ask the battery dealer to test the battery in front of you. Also, think twice before buying used car batteries that do not have labels explaining cranking amps and other key information.

When you shop wisely for used car batteries you can find great deals. However, failing to vet the battery can result in bigger problems than you bargained for. Talk to an auto parts store to learn more.