Things To Keep In Mind With Truck Maintenance And Repair

Posted on: 29 May 2019


Trucks are always on the road and get exposed to more abuse than normal cars. Although they are made for all driving situations and harsh climates, trucks do become faulty. That's why you should take truck repair and maintenance work more seriously. By doing so, you can ensure that common truck issues are identified, solved, and prevented from occurring again in the near future. As you reflect on how to keep your trucks in good working condition, here are common problems you are likely to encounter and deal with.

  • Mechanical breakdown

Although a truck's engine and drive train are likely to be useful for many years, a time will come when they will breakdown completely. Prior to this, however, there may be telltale signs that this is about to happen. If you notice that there is a lot of smoke from the exhaust pipe as well as a decline in engine power and oil pressure, do something. These symptoms indicate an engine that is slowly failing. So, have a compression test carried by a qualified mechanic so you can tell how long your engine will continue to run.

  • Lack of spare parts

As much as you wish to perform regular truck repair, you might not always get the spare parts you require instantly. This mostly affects vehicle owners who own a model that was released only for a number of years as well as those who have a truck that is rarely bought. To be able to plan your repair and maintenance projects properly, ensure that you know various sources of spare parts. An example of such a resource would be truck recycling services company like A & B Truck Recycling.

  • Body defects

As trucks are always on the move, they are more prone to body damage. This can include corrosion caused by chemicals used to treat roads in winter, or dents caused by mild collision accidents. If you ignore this damage, the vehicle will soon look too old to be on the road. Then you will get in trouble with the authorities. So, consult a garage shop that offers the best body repair services. Alternatively, repair light body problems yourself at home. This will keep the vehicle looking great.

  • Electrical wiring system issues

Even if you are not a technical person, you should try to understand your truck's most important systems. For instance, learn how the electrical system works so as to know when it has a problem. There is not going to be a major challenge if your truck has a modern engine with numerous wires and sensors that communicate with a computer. The thing you need to do is troubleshoot the single wire electrical system while checking a computer monitor. With the older engines, you must manually follow each wire that makes up the system to detect the source of the problem. So it is more challenging. Most trucks' electrical system is prone to problems, especially the older ones. As you think of how to carry out truck repair and maintenance, focus on this area more.

What's next?

If you want to avoid the above-mentioned problems and others, take the time to get familiar with every system in your truck. Thus, learn about various systems: steering, brakes, suspension, fuel delivery, drive train and more. You can buy a factory service manual to help you learn fast and discover ways to save yourself if your truck breaks down miles away from home.