3 Of The Best Auto Body Improvements For Custom High-Performance Car Projects

Posted on: 17 June 2017

If you are building a custom car, there are many different features to consider. Installing high performance parts also includes the body work on your car. While many auto body parts are for sheer appearance, there are some parts that also help improve your cars performance. Here are the best auto body improvements to consider for a high performance custom car project:

1. Better Cooling with Hood Scoops and Brake Vents

The engine of your car will perform better with more cooling, which is exactly what hood scoops do. Adding a functional hood scoop will help prevent overheating at high RPMs and add a sporty look to your car. Not only the engine needs cooling for better performance; brake vents will also help to keep brakes cool when they are used excessively. Brake vents are especially beneficial for the front wheels with disk brakes. The front wheels steer the car, and is most likely to overheat and cause the disks to warp.

2. Lower Your Center of Gravity with Ground-Effects and Roll-Pans

Having a lower center of gravity helps with handling and control, but you can only lower your car so far. Ground-effects are the body kits that extend the bottom edge of the body; giving your car a lower center of gravity. For trucks and cars with metal bumpers, roll-pans can also be used to match the ground-effects and lower the center of gravity. Roll-pans are the fiber-glass or carbon fiber bumper covers the metal and add to aesthetic appearance of custom cars.

3. Get A Grip on The Road with Additional Front and Rear Spoilers

An essential improvement to give your custom car optimal handling is a rear spoiler. The spoiler helps force the rear-end of the car down as you drive; this provides more gripping power and drastically improves handling. In addition, there are also front spoilers, which are below the front bumper cover and provide the same effect as rear spoilers. If you install ground-effects, talk with the auto body repair service about installing a front spoiler that matches and is the same height from the ground. Having the front spoiler and ground effects match not only looks better, but also optimizes handling performance.

These are some of the body parts and improvements that will improve the look and the appearance of your project car. Contact a salvage yard to get some of the parts you need to complete your custom bodywork.