Selling Your Junk Car For Cash? Here's How To Get The Best Price

Posted on: 2 May 2017

After thousands of miles and a lot of years of good use, that old car of yours has finally seen its better days and no longer serves a purpose. If you are like most vehicle owners, if you still have a car around by the time the motor officially quits, you will call up a local salvage yard and try to get rid of the thing. Most salvage yards and metal recycling companies will pay you cash for a junk car, because technically, it does still hold some value in its parts and components. here are a few tips to get you the best price for your junk car when you decide to get rid of it. 

1. Don't strip the vehicle before you sell it. - Stripping the vehicle of usable parts before you get a quote from a salvage yard or have it weighed by a recycling center will only get you a lower offer. Either way, the car either has less on it that can be resold or will not be as valuable because it doesn't weight that much. 

2. Know the value of the car that you have. - Before you sell your car for a junk price, make sure you research a bit to find out how valuable it is. Believe it or not, some junk cars can still fetch a handsome payment because their parts are harder to find. For example, if you have a classic car, those parts would be more valuable. 

3. Get quotes from a few places. - Don't just settle for the first offer you get for your junk vehicle; the prices offered can vary greatly between one place and the next for a few reasons, including:

  • some cars are more valuable to certain salvage yards because they have a limited supply in their inventory
  • some recycling centers will pay different prices by weight 
  • some junk car buyers see value in different components

4. Have a clear title available. - Even though your car may not be much to you, some salvage centers actually do buy junk cars and fix them up if it is a possibility. In order to do this, however, you as the seller must be able to turn the title over to the salvage yard owner to show that it is free and clear and can be transferred into their name. If you don't have the title on hand, some places will pay less for the car. 

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